by Baltic to Boardwalk

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released April 29, 2017



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Baltic to Boardwalk Fargo, North Dakota

Started in late 2009. Baltic to Boardwalk is 5 dudes playing music they love. After extensive touring on their first two EPs, B2B's debut full length will be released April 29th, 2017.

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Track Name: These Past Few Years
I can't fight the past
No matter how hard that I try
Digging deeper as I go
I'll find all these past skeletons left ignored
I can't keep burying it all in time
The clocks not my friend
But she's leaving me signs that my youth is tainted
And I finally see
Every step is six feet deep
And there's no god damn eulogy
But I feel my emotions getting the best of me again
Don't watch me sink

How'd I get this low this year?
I'm learning and falling in harmony
That's there no perfect path to life
Always take what you can get
Therapy in love and chaos in all the lust
I can't forgive everything
But watch me try to
I'll fade away

And I'll fantasize about stepping into traffic
To stop every critic and friend from laughing But I keep watching all these burnt down homes
I get this sick pleasure from the past
Can't get you out
There was no love left for you
And I can't cry at your funeral
I left you low and alone
These past few years that I've grown
And will learn from my mistakes
That this can't be how I work
Fight for myself and leave the rest behind Because I need to be selfish for the first time in my life
Drain my bank account to chase my dreams And everything in between
Because my hearts going to always be on my sleeve
You may never understand
But I'll keep trying until I'm dead
I'll keep trying until I'm dead
You won't know, when I'm gone!
Track Name: No Gods, No Kings, Just Man
Kill the music scene
It died when you were seventeen
From stupid fucks and their always open mouths
Midwest pride my ass
You're losing interest fast
As soon as you lost those X's on your hands
You found the door and lost control
Of that music that loved
Your blinding faith is gone

Where'd you put your family?
All your passion fades into something that you fake
Lose the bullshit and find yourself
You're not going anywhere
I don't know what this means to you
But I know what it means to me
Get the fuck out of my scene

Basement screams are all that I have all left
Selfish sing-a-longs with the friends that I love
Sweat down my face and a hopeless embrace
Is all that I have left to offer you
I'll sing these songs until I'm dead
You don't know where to go
All I know is you're not welcome in this town no more
You're a breed in a selfish scene
And I'll I know is what this means to me
What's it mean to you?
This means everything to me
What's it mean to you?
Track Name: Heathens (The Devil's Lake)
Floating through the stain glass
Your views stuck inside my throat
You sin your nights away and shove quarters into slots
Spend it all
Live the days inside the church or dealing on the streets
It doesn't matter
This cities rotting from within
Contradiction does it's work.

You built this city on cigarettes and bibles
And your all American dream lives on lies

Is that what you dream of?
Gambling on your mind
This can't be what your dreams are
Your savior owns your mind

Landlocked to your Midwest town
I'll find you drowning in your sins
I'll wait and wait
Not losing hope but feeling desperate in these times
Our family not needing more pressure from within
Just moving on
Until there's nothin left and we're all dust inside of coffins
I'll trust the facts while you follow aimlessly
Lose yourself in hearsay and trust in no one else
I can't find sympathy in stories and ignorance
When millions die for nothing
And others live for death
Find me living on in thoughts and endless memories
Can't follow blind
Track Name: Gasoline (Remnants of a Ghost)
We're not friends
You're the thorn of my old ways
A selfish act in a painful excuse to get me out of your life
I'll get away from the web you lay
And the hopeless hope you made
Did you stop to think of the effects you made?
Or was the smell of something new too tempting for your smile?
You're littering my nights with all my short comings and blind mistakes
Leaving me striving for last years mindset
I'll close the door and lock it up
Until there's nothing for you to take anymore

You got away and I'm okay
You were the last thing I needed anyway
I filled an oceans length and never looked back
I'll strive for better days
I'm okay.

I'm done with talks of grass being greener on the other side
I'll make my rules and break them if I please
There's breaking down and there's growing up
I'll bend the the bars until I find the truth
And set myself free

I'll never believe a thing until I see the end
The slow burn of past results affecting my sleep
And my everyday
Cut me up
Set me free
And take away everything
Track Name: Social Superiority
I'm alive
Are you?
Follow blindly just like you do
Cutting ties from all the lies
Is there an honest person left?
Prove me wrong and take away
From the shameful things you do
I don't know who you are
So who are you?

Can't find a way to pick and choose every acquaintance I want to lose
It's like you're a different person depending on who you surround yourself with
Could you change?
Who's to blame?
I don't know who you are
But that's your fault and your always changing your actions to please another crowd of ears
Who are you trying to become?

I'm alive
Are you?
Follow blindly just like you do
Cutting ties from all the lies
Is there an honest person left?
Prove me wrong and take away
From the shameful things you do
I don't know who you are
So who are you?

Go to college
Get a job
Buy a car
Get a house
Have kids
Get a loan
Smell success
Get divorced
Lose faith
Love yourself
Buy a hole
Lose your soul
Lose it all
Bury yourself deep in the ground

I can't keep subjecting myself to these toxic hands they rip and claw
Mouth breathers stealing bits of my soul
I won't find what is right until there's nothing left to give of myself
I'll fight these cycles until I'm dead
Constant circle
Endless cycles
Push against the grain

Until every person around you sees a change
It won't be easy
It never was
I refuse to let my life be stuck
Behind a television and be force fed lies
You can't let yourself sink into what they want
Constant circles
Endless cycles
Time is knowledge
It's all you have
Track Name: Overdraft
Weighed down by the change in my pockets
And held up by the hope in my head
Wishful thinking while I'm dragging my feet
I am my own worst enemy
Loaded gun for being stuck in my ways
Disregard for all my loved ones
I miss the sun
I lost my love
Who am trying to become?

Must pave my own path
I won't be held to my fathers past
And I cant stand for anything less than what I want
Loss coverage
No leverage
This is my own story
Is this what I always needed
And never understood?

Too burdened by the thoughts of my peers
I can't breathe
They won't see
This setting will haunt my dreams
And I'll cling to the sheets
Track Name: Kids
I found you a former self
Clinging to the walls in my room
A lost friend
An aging mind
A hopeful thought I should've lost

Can't give it up
Won't lose the ache inside my bones
A desperate plea to the aging waste of youth
It's calling
A faint scratch on the back of my neck
It's crawling
Inside your heart until you left

I felt it when you walked out that door
A desperate call for a lost home you're longing for
Couldn't fill it up with clear
Couldn't fill it up with dark
You'll smoke us out until you're all alone
You'll pick apart all that you know for a late night high
You'll pawn away all that you love until you feel nothing
I don't know
I won't care
I'm a liar at his last resort
You're a friend I lost inside my fears

It takes you
Far away

Drug out by the collar
And a hatred stealing dollars
Precious seconds in this home are gone
and never coming back

Apologizes can't mend this home
And I can't tell you what could
I don't want to know
You won't understand at all
I can't see it taking your life away
Track Name: 314 Elizabeth Street
It's not fair how you left us here
All alone
I'm so sorry we couldn't help you out
But we did all we could do
We were never prepared for this
I don't know
How to handle situations
When I've lost control

Drive you away
so I can't see your face in all my thoughts and insecurities
Leave my emotions at the cemetery gate
So I can't break
I won't let this win over me
And where do you go
When everything you've loved is a clouded thought?
A distant memory
Loss of control and the right words can't seem to form
To ease all your pain
A dark lit faded dream
But I can't make out the face of the fallen hero
But I still feel it
An unspoken sorrow
That comes undone every night
You were the glue that kept them all together

I don't know if i should stay now
I drive by that road every single day
From before
The road where you taught me how to drive
A stick shift
I don't know how to live

I need you here
Oh I need you here
This isn't fair to anyone
I need you here
Oh I need you here
This isn't fair to me
This isn't fair at all
Track Name: Desperation
I felt you sink to the bottom
a burnt fire inside
There was no passion in your eyes it slowly fled with life
You were frozen with no sound
the winter took you from us all
I was hopeful with defeat
I couldn't force myself to leave

There was nothing in your smile
but a hint of me
and I keep fighting with your eyes
on whether this is worth the fight
You're a shadow of yourself
and there's no sun
Can't handle watching you fade while I thrive
Where did you end up?
Are you alive?
There's no goodbyes
Carry on
Are you still alive?
Track Name: These Next Few Years
Can't fight the future
You've got stars in your eyes
Pedestals held up high
Keep on fighting
For a home that may never come
It's about the first time you hear a song and you get chills down your spine
And those long summer nights that get you through your life
Every fights a light
All the conflicts
Every struggle
Makes the stories worth the fight
They go on and on and on

Can't lose this chance to turn it all around
And bring a purpose to every loss
That I have, that I've had
Self destruction is hard to leave
When it's all you know and all that ever stays
Pick apart
Run again
It goes on and on
Running circles in the same direction
It won't let me ever catch my breath
Always chasing a ghost from a picture book
and a dream from a different night
Why's this haunting my soul?
There's too much left unsolved in my life?
To keep stopping and starting

I lost it all when I tried too hard
A selfish burden I never would let go
Forcing happiness in a crashing car
That I needed to let fall apart
A kid learning lessons
A book being written
I lost it all
I lost it all and I'm learning to fall
All the pride
My stubborn mind
Trapped in boxed in walls

It's not growing older
It's called opening your eyes
And enjoying what's around you
I can't explain the forces in me
That make me want to be a better person

It came in a flash
I may never understand all this
I'll never lose this
I'll never lose this
I'll try harder than ever before

These next few years as I grow
I will learn
I will conquer my mistakes
Fight for this and adapt
To do what's best for me and my family
Lose it all
Start again
I won't let my loved ones see me fall
I can't
No I won't
I'll never fall

For this love
For my heart
I can't ruin these structures and walls
I'll never lose this
Ill never lose this
I'll try harder than ever before